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By: A R Lonewolf

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Saturday, 23-Apr-2011 08:21 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Visit to Tioman Island

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Went to Tioman islan last weekend with some friends who are diver enthusiasits. Though i have never dive before, i tag along to capture some of the interesting scenary around Tioman island.

The sandy beaches of Tioman island.

This is not a pirate's den, but an interesting deco to capture customers' attention.

Some scenary at the nearby marina

Going for diving trip with a group of divers. Thanks to Abect Aqua Dive Centre for the trip.

But first we have to get to the boat. The boat was a bit further from the beach, so we have to go thru water above waist deep high. I managed to saved my camera gear by holding it above my head, but this is where i lost my handphone...didn't realize it was in my track pants pocket.

Once the diving gears and people onboard, off we go to the diving spot.

1st destination

2nd destination

No i didn't go down and dive, but i stayed on the boat on both locations. Managed to cature this bird while on the boat.

It suddenly started to rain

However the rain didn't last long, the sky began to break and sunshine appears from the sky

When the sun slowly shines, the landscape slowly change from dark green to lighter green right before my eyes

At the end of the day, i sat under the moon, listening to the sound of the wave, sipping coffee and enjoyed the cold night air.

Sunday, 10-Apr-2011 15:03 Email | Share | | Bookmark
FI 2011 (Qualifying Round)

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My first time watching FI race live at KL Sepang International Circuit, courtesy of my friend who spare me the ticket for the qualifying race. Thank you Mr. Lai . I can understand the thrill of those people watching the FI race live, the same thrill I felt watching the F16 Thuderbird Air show couple of years back, The sound, the sight and the speed…all added up to the excitement. And of course, to capture speeding F1 cars on camera is a challenge on its own.

Cropping to get up close and personal...

The only chasing action that i could capture...

The cars were so fast that in some pics i manage to cature only some part of the car...

Friday, 8-Apr-2011 18:11 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Malaysia International Shoe Festival 2011

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New this year, is the Malaysia International Shoe Festival 2011, showcasing collection of shoes either for sale or for exhibition of creative design. Of course our own Jimmy Choo is also showcasing his collection for the public. As I am more interested in the creative design aspect, the photos here shows some of the interesting and bizarre design of shoes.

The most interesting for me is this giant shoe made out of chocolate in the shape of traditional nyonya shoe...seriously, with the aroma of chocolate filling the room, I was tempted to chip some of the piece and have a I wish.

These are shoes made out of wood, not the traditional wooden ones, but with the modern high heels design. The wood were usually taken from rubber tree, but some of them were made from durian tree.

The process of making the shoes in different stages.

1. The wood is cut to make a rough shape of a shoe.
2. The shape is cut into a woman’s shoe.
3. The shape is refine further with added curvatures.
4. Then, varnish was added as well as the padding on the sole.
5. Add a leather straps here and there and walla…you have yourself a high heel shoes made out of wood.

This shoe from Indonesia is interesting…and scary…

Another interesting one from indonesia

From India

From Hong Kong

Traditional shoes from Korea

Traditional sliper from Taiwan

Antique Chinese Bound Foot Winter High Style Boot Shoes

Iran Khorasan Kurdish Rawhide Embroidery Moccasin Shoes

Some creative design shoe for the competition

Friday, 1-Apr-2011 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Gua Tempurung

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Another place i visited during the trip to Perak is Gua Tempurung, one of the longest caves in Peninsula Malaysia, that was converted into tourist attraction. There are a range of tours of different lengths and difficulty. Because of my heavy camera gear, i opt for the least diffcult tour package. There are river runs beneath it and some spectacular stalactites and stalagmites.

The underground river

Looks like a potrait of a lady..

This one looks like osama...

Looks like a baby isn't it?

Saturday, 26-Mar-2011 16:08 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Kellie's Castle

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Last week I went to a trip to Perak with some friends and visited some interesting places. One of them is Kellie's Castle and it was raining when we got there. I thot only in England you can find ruins of english castle, but there is also one in Malaysia. Although its originally a mansion, the structure of it was enormous at that time which can be likend to a mini castle. Here is a bit of history of this place taken from wikipedia.

Kellie's Castle is located near Batu Gajah, Perak, Malaysia. The unfinished, ruined mansion, was built by a Scottish planter named William Kellie Smith.

In 1890, at the age of 20, he arrived in the then Malaya.He made his fortune in rubber tree planting and dabbled in the tin mining industry, and eventually owned 2 companies namely Kinta Kellas Estate and the Kinta Kellas Tin Dredging Company.

After the birth of his son here. William Smith decided to expand on his mansion and started planning for a huge castle which he planned to call Kellas House, after his hometown in Scotland.
Because of his fascination with the Hindu religion and Indian culture, Smith's plan was for this house to share similar architecture to those of Madras, with all its bricks and tiles imported from India. He even employed a big group of Indian labourers to build his dream house, to keep the Kellas House authentically Indian. The mansion is accessible from the main road through a bridge running across a stream.

Among the many amazing things about Kellie's Castle are an elevator (it was the first in Malaya) which connects right up to the top floor, and the existence of two tunnels that run under the river nearby. One of these tunnels connects to the Hindu temple some distance away from the main house. On the second floor, Smith planned to build an indoor tennis court — an ambitious project even by today's standards. On the highest floor, there is a rooftop courtyard for parties. This castle was to be the hub for entertaining wealthy colonial planters who had settled in Malaya. His house was so unique that it was even mentioned in the London Financier newspaper on 15 September 1911.

Unfortunately for Smith, he died in Europe while trying to bring the elevator to Malaya from Europe. The mansion was never completed until now.

looking thru the windows..

the wine celler..

One of the many guestroom..

The mysterious corridor..
It is said that people has seen Smith's appirition on this corridor. it another apprirition??
No, its not an appirition. A visitor walked passed by my line of frame when i capture this pic.

View from the rooftop

Wait...its that a helipad??
No, its just one of the unfinished balcony.

The flagpole is built like a battlement

The interior courtyard...

The tall stucture is supposed to be the elevator shaft

The air duct from one of the tunnel that supposed to lead to a hindu temple

View from the guardhouse

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